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Chicago divorce attorneyA lot of people go through life within a perpetually confused or ambivalent state because things aren’t so bad. In this state of confusion, they cannot be asked to make a determination, so they will rationalize remaining with their partner, waiting around for something to occur that will make it clearer as to if they ought to keep the marriage together or not.

For other people, a fear of the unknown is merely too daunting; therefore, they become numb or make themselves busy to make life with their spouse bearable (for instance, by alcohol/drug addiction, workaholism, and excessive spending). In a few instances, this fear of leaving isn’t about unknown circumstances, instead, it’s the known which paralyzes them.

If you are tired of sacrificing your happiness and are ready to move ahead with your divorce, contact our Chicago divorce attorney office at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.


What should occur at the initial meeting?

It’ll depend upon what is happening within the divorce case. In a few cases, divorce papers already have been filed, whereas in additional cases, the partners already have discussed divorce and pledged to utilize a collaborative divorce process, instead of all out ‘litigation’ (which means to fight it out in court). Lastly, a few clients are faced with an emergency - their partner might be draining the bank account, anticipating the divorce, or they might be the victim of domestic abuse and have to have instant protection from the court. The circumstances of the client is going to dictate what’s discussed and which actions are taken as a consequence of the initial meeting.

Though typically, a client walks in with general questions in regard to a recently-filed or an impending divorce, and the majority of attorneys will assess the various processes of divorce which are available (litigation, mediation, and collaborative law) and explain the steps for each.


Whether you refer to it as a divorce or separation, deciding that you want to split is a decision which never should be taken lightly. There’s always a time in which space is required between your partner and you, and space occasionally can be a healthy decision. It permits both parties to have the ability to rationally consider the ideal method of handling the duty at hand, and to talk about a possible compromise. There’s never a clear indication of when the ideal time is to end your marriage; therefore, taking ‘one final shot at mending your relationship’ is something you might have to attempt many times.

If, after exhausting all these possibilities and you still feel that divorce is inevitable speak with one of our Chicago divorce attorneys at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.

Therefore consider this: If you’re considering separation, determine how your partner and you might take time apart, without having to make any spontaneous decisions, and taking the time to consider solutions. Unsure how much time you should take? As long as it takes! There isn’t any reason to dive head first into a separation or a divorce, therefore just play it out, then see how it goes, it can’t get any worse as you already feel you are at the end of the rope.


As parents determine to divorce, it’s only fair to be truthful with the kids. Depending upon the ages of the children and family dynamics, some already may be well alert to the fact that there are issues, whereas others might not have any clue about what’s going on. If you have further questions about the Chicago child custody process, contact us today at our Illinois child custody lawyer office at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation.

Ideally it’s best to collect together as a family to inform the kids of an impending separation or divorce. Doing so will present a united front. It will show the kids that although you’re getting divorced, both of you still love them and are united within your responsibility to them. Also, it permits a chance for the kids to get answers and ask questions of both parents.

  • During the family meeting it is vital to remain focused. It is not the time for placing blame, arguing, or belittling your partner. Decide beforehand what you’re going to say to the kids. Be certain that it’s age appropriate.
  • Do not assume that the kids really comprehend what a divorce is. It’s your duty as parents to place it into simple words that divorce occurs as two adults no longer can live together. Be certain the kids comprehend that divorce only is between adults.
  • It is not necessary for kids to overhear the details of your break up. What they need to know is that although parents no longer love one another, both of you still love them. Also, they must know that it isn’t their fault that your marriage is ending.
  • Kids usually are filled up with hope that their parents are going to reunite. Do not give your kids false hope that you’ll reconcile. Help them to understand that divorce is the end of a marriage and while it’s a normal emotion for kids to wish for their parents to reconcile, it’s unlikely that it’ll happen.

As the kids do not need to know about the details of your divorce they must to know how it’ll impact them and their day-to-day lives which include new living arrangements. Allow them to know how to communicate with one parent as they’re with the additional parent.


Uncontested Divorce: What is it?

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In the plainest terms, uncontested divorce will mean that the partners have the ability to agree upon the major factors included in getting divorced, involving:

• How they’ll share parenting responsibilities and parenting time

• The duration and amount of child support

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