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What Happens During the First Meeting With your Divorce Lawyer?

 Posted on April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

What should occur at the initial meeting?

It’ll depend upon what is happening within the divorce case. In a few cases, divorce papers already have been filed, whereas in additional cases, the partners already have discussed divorce and pledged to utilize a collaborative divorce process, instead of all out ‘litigation’ (which means to fight it out in court). Lastly, a few clients are faced with an emergency - their partner might be draining the bank account, anticipating the divorce, or they might be the victim of domestic abuse and have to have instant protection from the court. The circumstances of the client is going to dictate what’s discussed and which actions are taken as a consequence of the initial meeting.

Though typically, a client walks in with general questions in regard to a recently-filed or an impending divorce, and the majority of attorneys will assess the various processes of divorce which are available (litigation, mediation, and collaborative law) and explain the steps for each.

If you are ready to face that first meeting with a Chicago divorce attorney call us at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation. Additionally, a lawyer ought to ask lots of questions. It is vital that the lawyer attempt to get to know the client as an individual and study as much as possible concerning the client’s children (if any) and spouse. A lawyer should attempt to get a good understanding of the financial and psychological situation the client is in so he or she is able to make any needed referrals to divorce coaches, psychotherapists, financial planners and/or estate attorneys for specialized advice. Most divorce lawyers work closely with additional professionals to be certain all of their clients’ divorce-associated questions are appropriately answered. Keep in mind, a lawyer isn’t and can’t act as a psychologist or tax advisor, for instance, so it is crucial that divorcing partner's employ the proper professionals and keep their lawyers informed. Evaluate relevant divorce-associated problems It is impossible to exactly predict what is going to ‘occur’ in a divorce, yet it is ideal to address all of the major problems which might arise, like: • Division of debts and property • Alimony- whether it ought to be paid, and if the answer is yes, how long and for how much • Child support • Custody of minor kids At the conclusion of the initial meeting, clients usually exit with homework that involves studying as much as possible regarding the couple’s finances, as far as liabilities, assets, and ongoing costs. In most marriages, only a single partner is in charge of the finances. But, prior to a divorce being resolved, both partners must have a full understanding of the couple's debts, assets, and incomes. If you are able to offer lots of detail about the finances at the initial meeting with your new attorney, that meeting is going to be a lot more productive. If you are ready to face that first meeting with a Chicago divorce attorney call us at (312) 884-1222 for a free consultation. __ Image courtesy of Ambro/ http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ Image URL: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/Business_People_g201-Business_Meeting_p46992.html

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