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Types of Parenting Time Restrictions in Illinois Child Custody Cases

 Posted on July 25, 2022 in Uncategorized

chicago child custody lawyerParenting time” is the term used to describe the time that a parent looks after his or her child. During a divorce or child custody case, the parents are encouraged to reach an agreement about how to divide parenting time. If the parents cannot agree, the court will make a determination based on the child’s best interests.

Illinois courts generally assume that it is best for children to spend time with both of their parents. However, when there are safety concerns, the court may order a parenting time restriction. Supervised visitation is one of the most well-known parenting time restrictions, but it is just one of many different restrictions the court may enforce.   

When is Restricted Parenting Time Appropriate?

Every child custody decision made by an Illinois court prioritizes one factor above all else: the child’s best interests. Parenting time may be restricted if the court finds that unrestricted parenting time would seriously jeopardize the child’s physical, mental, or moral health or development. The court will hold a hearing in which the parents can explain their reasons for or against parenting time restrictions. Often, a guardian ad litem provides professional insight about what is in the child’s best interests during the hearing.

Examples of Parenting Time Restrictions

The court may impose whatever conditions are necessary to ensure the safety of the child. Parenting time restrictions may include:

  • Reducing the amount of parenting time or decision-making authority

  • Eliminating a parent’s parenting time entirely

  • Supervised parenting time

  • Requiring the parents to exchange the child through a third party or in a certain location

  • Limiting a parent’s communication with the child

  • Prohibiting the parent from using or possessing alcohol or drugs during parenting time

  • Mandatory participation in a substance abuse treatment program

  • Mandatory participation in a domestic violence or abuse prevention program

  • Requiring a parent to post bond to ensure the child’s return

  • Any other requirements that are in the child’s best interest

If you have concerns about your child’s safety with the other parent, do not wait to voice these opinions. You may be able to petition the court for a parenting time restriction that is appropriate for your specific situation.

Contact a Chicago Parenting Time Lawyer

The Cook County child custody attorneys at the The Law Office of George J. Skuros provide skilled legal representation during divorce and child custody matters. Whether you are seeking a parenting time restriction, or the other parent is threatening to restrict your parenting time, we can help. Call 312-884-1222 for a free consultation.



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