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4 Things to Know Regarding Divorce

 Posted on March 04, 2014 in Uncategorized

Getting through a divorce might be easier if you are informed of the process before it starts. This post from our Chicago sole custody lawyer’s office provides 4 tips to aid in steering you through this tough time.

1. Court Isn’t All It Is Cracked Up to Be

As things aren’t going well within a divorce case, one partner might threaten to terminate negotiations and move forward with court proceedings. But, the path to a divorce trial is costly and long. The cost of a trial may deplete the assets which often are the subject of a dispute. Even simplistic matters may require several court days to complete, and upon spending thousands of dollars, partners and their lawyers are left with the uncertainty of how a judge might rule.

2. Think about Court Alternatives

Many individuals believe every divorce ends up in court. As a matter of fact, there are alternative methods of resolving divorce cases. One way includes ‘mediation’ where a mediator (neutral 3rd party uniquely trained to work on divorce cases) facilitates one-on-one negotiations between spouses and assists them in working out mutual agreements. This mediator often recommends that each partner consult with a lawyer as the mediation process is proceeding. But, these consulting lawyers do not attend these sessions.

Within a ‘collaborative divorce’ each partner employs a collaborative lawyer, and all parties concur to resolve the case without heading to court. A staff of professionals is gathered to help in the process of decision making. In addition to the lawyers, the usual staff involves mental health professionals (that function as child specialists and ‘divorce coaches’) and neutral financial specialist, like a financial consultant or accountant. Using emails, one-on-one negotiations, and phone calls, the partners and their collaborative staff address every problem in the case.

3. Develop an Inventory of Household Furnishings and Furniture and Create Copies of Critical Documents

Disputes about furnishings, furniture, and additional items of value, like a wine collection or costly piece of art, may be avoided by taking a full inventory of your house as follows:

• Capture photos of all items and photograph sets of smaller items, like dinner ware

• Utilize the front page of the said day’s newspaper within each photo to develop a ‘time stamp’ that avoids any claims that your photograph was captured at an earlier time

• Keep photographs in a protected, safe place

• Make a list of every item, which includes where they are located and the estimated value

• Obtain appraisals or request insurance inventories of items

4. You Should Have Reasonable Expectations

Occasionally, divorcing partners have objectives which are inconsistent with the law or are completely unreasonable. If you wish for your divorce case to be quickly resolved, you must know how the law will apply to your case and have an expectation that is reasonable concerning the outcome. You might want to consult with Chicago sole custody lawyers to gain a better understanding of your potential outcome in the case.

Sometimes, for different reasons, divorce cannot be avoided. In this case, it is best to contact someone who can be in your corner. For further questions, please contact our Chicago sole custody lawyer’s office at (312) 884-1222 or fill out our easy contact form for a free consultation.

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