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How Much Should Family Vloggers Pay Their Kids?

 Posted on August 28, 2023 in Family Law

Illinois Family Law AttorneyTechnology and social media have significantly impacted entertainment, with content creation focusing on family life and children. However, scandals and lawsuits have led to a new law in Illinois requiring parents to compensate their children for their roles on family vlogging channels or other forms of social media. This occurrence raises questions about family law, child labor, and the ethics of family vlogging.

To navigate the unchartered waters of social media and child influencers, a family law attorney can help draft formal agreements regarding pay and keep you informed as this law changes over time.

Is It Worth It to Have Your Child on Social Media?

Social media is an impactful career with a lot of buzz. Children and parents often see the glitz and glamor but not the trouble and major impact behind the scenes. Children have a lot to worry about already, like the following: 

  • After-school activities

  • Homework

  • Fitting in among their peers

Adding a career in social media complicates their situation even further. Although adults balance several things everyday, they can count on being paid for their work. Building an online presence also takes a lot of hard work, like consistent dedication, creating around-the-clock content material, and engaging with your audience. Opening up a child to the world like that can have major consequences on their mental health. 

Despite all of this, having your child in the limelight in this way is not a foreign concept. We see similar conversations around child stars, but now we are seeing it with everyday people. Having a camera and posting online is the only requirement to jumpstart this career, but it comes with massive risks. Outside of damaging their mental health, you could be violating the child’s privacy. With clear and set boundaries along with compensation, this kind of situation is less damaging to the child. 

How to Fairly Compensate Your Child

This new law also states a set percentage for your child. This only applies when the child is seen on screen for over 30 percent of the vlogs within a year. Based on the time a child appears in a video, parents must place 50 percent of the earnings into a blocked trust fund for the child. For example, if the child is present in 50 percent of the video, they should get 25 percent . If they appear in 100 percent, they get 50 percent. This law will come into effect after July 1, 2024. 

Contact One of Our Cook County, IL Family Law Attorneys

This issue goes beyond remaining compliant with this new law. The central goal is to protect your child while they pursue a fairly new career choice. Our experienced family law attorneys can help you draft a formal agreement based on work and pay while also supporting your child’s rights. Our skilled Chicago, IL family law attorneys are here to help. Call The Law Office of George J. Skuros at 312-884-1222 to set up a free consultation.

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