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5 Signs Your Marriage May Be Headed Toward Divorce

 Posted on June 29, 2022 in Divorce

Chicago divorce lawyer for marriage problemsWhile every marriage is different, and the paths that couples take will vary, experts have identified five signs that can show that a divorce may be likely. For many, it can be hard to see some of these signs without taking a step back to reflect. If you are considering a divorce but are unsure if the time has truly come, see if any of these red flags are appearing in your marriage.

Look for These Signs, Then Decide on Your Next Steps

It may be one or both partners who are causing marital strife, but the following challenges to any marriage may be difficult to overcome. Here are some warning signs to look for in your marriage:

  • You no longer express appreciation – The small acts of kindness may be the first to go in a relationship that is headed for an end. If a couple no longer shows appreciation or gratitude toward each other, this may be a sign that the relationship is slipping away.

  • Fighting unfairly – Every couple has their disagreements, but when one or both spouses will do and say anything to win an argument, they have lost each other’s respect. Without respect in a relationship, it may be doomed to fail.

  • You both have stopped trying – A clear sign the spark is gone is when neither spouse tries much to keep the relationship going. You may no longer be involved in the activities that you both enjoyed, and each spouse may not make the effort to make the other one happy.

  • Lack of accountability – Honesty and self-reflection often give way to finger-pointing and defensiveness when a relationship is headed for divorce. If neither party is willing to make changes or hear the other one out, it is hard to get the relationship back to a good place.

  • Infidelity – Possibly the most obvious sign that a marriage is in trouble is when either spouse begins another relationship. There can be many reasons for infidelity, but the trust that it breaks can be very hard to repair.

If you have seen some or many of these signs in your marriage, you need to decide whether to pursue counseling, try to work through it, or take the first steps toward divorce with the help of an experienced attorney. By working with a divorce lawyer, you can better protect your interests, including when approaching the division of marital property, the need for spousal support, issues of child support, and the creation of a parenting plan.

Contact a Cook County Divorce Attorney

If you are headed for divorce, it is good to know there is someone who will be by your side. At The Law Office of George J. Skuros, we are committed to providing our clients with the skilled representation and legal guidance they need to handle the divorce process and many other family law issues. Contact our Park Ridge divorce lawyer. Call our office today at 312-884-1222 to schedule your free consultation. 



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