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3 Ways to Prove You Were Forced to Sign a Prenup in Illinois

 Posted on March 13, 2024 in Divorce

IL divorce lawyerPeople are relatively familiar with the concept of a prenuptial agreement. Even if they are not sure of everything that needs to be included, they have a general understanding that this is a document signed by two people before they get married which aims to outline what would happen with their finances if they get a divorce. Of course, this general description does not cover all the aspects that need to be agreed on and people might find that they signed a document they did not fully understand. If you signed a prenuptial agreement and you realize now that it went against your interests but you were pressured into signing it, a Cook County, IL prenuptial agreement attorney can review it and offer invaluable guidance on how you should proceed.

How Can I Prove I Signed a Prenup Against My Will?

While it might be difficult to prove that you did not sign your prenup voluntarily, certain circumstances can help the court accept your claim. These include:

  • Timing. If you were given an agreement to sign right before your wedding, this could help prove that you simply felt pressured to sign it so your wedding could go on as planned. The date on the agreement is useful evidence. If it was signed and dated weeks or months before your wedding date, this argument will not likely be accepted. If it was the day or week before, this could help prove your point.
  • Legal representation. A lot of people do not typically have their own attorney but a lot of wealthy families do. If you did not have an attorney at the time of your wedding and your prenuptial agreement was prepared by your spouse’s family’s attorney, it is possible it unfairly reflected their interests over yours. If you did not have your own legal representation and no one reviewed the document for you to explain how it protected or undermined your interests, this could help prove that you signed it against your will.
  • Influence of illegal substances. If you signed your prenup under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this would likely be considered an involuntary signing. If there are witnesses to the state you were in at the time or videos or photographs showing you were not sober at the time, this can help your argument in court.

If any of these conditions can be proven, you might be able to have your prenuptial agreement canceled. This can have a major impact on your financial future should you end up getting a divorce.

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